Meet Dr.Azmathulla Khan

Dr.Azmathulla khan is an International Awardee, Author and a Global Disciplined-Agile-Coach, PMI PMP-PGMP-DASM-DASSM-DAC-DAVSC Trainer,Global Strategist for Leading Multinational Companies. He is on a mission to help 1Million Professionals to build their credibility, visibility and authority in the marketplace without spending decades to implement the growth plan. He believes in strengthening youth and professionals in both Intrapreneurship and Entrepreneurship as there is nothing called employee in his dictionary. He has been an Engineering and Management Graduate  and became India’s most innovative and leading CxO and has been recognized with 60+ international and national awards including prestigious award from Bombay Stock Exchange-CIO Klub & also from NASSCOM President. He also received an honorary doctorate for his two long decades of hard work. His two long decades of global experience has been ranging from StartUps to Fortune 500 companies in the capacity of being a CxO.  He has adopted these global best practices to scale up 400 times growth in two decades and also consistently scored Outstanding ratings across multiple roles while being recognized with  50+ international and national AWARDS and Global Credentials of high repute. Now he is on a mission to help the youth and professionals to build their visibility and authority in the marketplace.

As Featured On Global PM Network Magazine, BSE, Nasscom, CIO Forums, CIO Awards, Business Battlefield Stage and many others….


Our Mission is

To handhold 100K Corporate Directors/Corporate Managers, Subject Matter Experts,Intrapreneurs, Solopreneurs, Independent Consultants, Independent Experts, Independent Coaches to achieve Work-Life Success by building their credibility, visibility and authority in the marketplace and help them grow at 25% Improvement in Quality and Productivity improvement Quarter-On-Quarter using our signature system (100 days practical Workshop developed based on Global best practices)

Global Best Practices includes Solopreneurs Success Challenge, Directors/Managers/Subject Matter Experts Career Growth SPECS Program, Live Coaching, Practical Workshops and/or Pre-recorded coaching can be enrolled via designed for your success.


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